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SECUTECH Hologram Label

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  • SECUTECH Hologram Label
  • SECUTECH Hologram Label
SECUTECH Hologram Label SECUTECH Hologram Label

The new paradigm for verification hologram sticker.

It is the distingushed design customer companies based on the updated design of the hologram master tech. The general customer can distinguish the counterfeited products and real products by the customized hologram.

[Features of SECUTECH]

Not only visible features, but also non-visible features which cannot be check by naked eyes are applied as well. So general customers and customers of various industries can use the products.

1. Embodying diverse visual effects

Making the unique features of hologram from the unique feature of volumic effects to splendidness of digital hologram.

2. Enhanced security

It can be checked by the specific reading device. Invisible features of security are added.

3. Embodying special visual effects

Based on the optic tech of RMG, differentiated features can be produced.

Based on the excellent quality of image, it can be applied to various fields of industries as well as the purpose of security.