Sensi Tempo 5D

  • Sensi Tempo 5D
  • Sensi Tempo 5D
  • Sensi Tempo 5D
Sensi Tempo 5D Sensi Tempo 5D Sensi Tempo 5D

Sensi is the perfect line for those that look for style as well as technology. With a sophisticated, feminine, and chic design, highlighted by a beautiful selection of sleek matte black and feminine metallic colors, all Sensi products carry the latest technology in hair care. Its hair dryers come with 5D Therapy Technology, that combine the action of Ozone, Negative Ions and infra-red heat to achieve five guaranteed beneficial effects on the hair: a reconstructive anti-age effect on your hair, reducing frizz, making it shiny and protecting your color and hair from external agents and stress factors.

Comes with nozzle, diffuser and heat resistant case


• Power 2200 W

• Long-lasting AC motor

• 5D Ultra Ozone Ion Protect, anti-frizz, shine, reconstruction, anti-aging and color protection

• Ceramic-coated inner components

• 6 combinations of 2 speeds and 3 temperatures and cool shot

• Removable filter for easy cleaning

• 2.50 m long cord

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