Serafim S3

Serafim S3: The World's First Adjustable Ergonomic Cloud Gaming Controller

After two years of development, the Serafim team has created the Serafim S3 cloud gaming controller. It combines the Serafim Console software and the hardware of the Serafim S3 gaming controller, allowing players to enjoy console-level gaming experiences anywhere, at any time. This gaming controller features a customizable design, ergonomic grip, and a comprehensive software interface, enabling players to upgrade to a home gaming console experience using just their mobile phones. This adjustable ergonomic gaming controller is currently unparalleled in the market and, paired with patented ergonomic design, offers a unique gaming experience like no other!

About Serafim :

         Serafim, founded by a group of technical engineers and gaming enthusiasts, aims to provide players with intuitive, innovative, and high-quality gaming experiences at an affordable price. Since its inception, Serafim has leveraged its powerful hardware and software integration technology to develop a variety of input devices and holds multiple patents across optical, electronic, and software technologies.

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