Smart Manual

Our trendsetting concept for user-friendly instruction manuals offer a direct and easy access to the product.

The VDE SMART Manual is an integral part of a product specific modular system of manuals, packaging and additional information.

Tailored-to-fit individuality

The design of our VDE SMART Manuals perfectly fits the corporate design of our customers.

That comprises color scheme, company logo, layout, fonts etc. The user manuals therefore seamlessly integrate into our client’s visual identity and its corporate design.

At the same time the VDE SMART Manuals refer to product features like rugged design or flexibility.

Information to the point

VDE SMART Manuals are clear and comprehensible. They help overcoming the user’s inhibitions towards reading manuals. Their picture-based visual approach reduces the amount of text and therefore also translation costs, printing costs, and of course, misunderstandings.

Depending on the product, we use professional photos, vivid graphics or a smart combination of both of them.

State-to-the art didactics and psychology influence our work as well as our practical experience of many years.

Conformity to standards

VDE is well known throughout the world as a reliable partner for the testing and certification of electric and electronic products according to prevailing standards and regulations. The different departments inside VDE control the conformity of each VDE SMART Manual. This ensures safety and reliability for both, users and manufacturers.

The DIN EN 82079 is the firm basis of VDE SMART Manuals, complemented by all relevant regulations and product-specific standards. In any case, our goal is to outgo actual standards by making our manuals really SMART.

Feeling at home around the world

VDE SMART Manuals and their compact, clear design offer additional advantages, when it comes to international marketing. Graphics and photos save text, reduce translation cost and ensure comprehensibility across countries and continents.

The VDE is active worldwide through co-operations and partner offices. That helps to perfectly adopt the VDE SMART Manuals to standards and cultural traditions of all respective markets, all over the world.

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