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'EONEOMS Ltd., established in 2011, is a first-generation smart mirror manufacturer. For more than 10 years we have planned and designed products and services ranging from hardware, including digital signage, transparent displays, DID, and unmanned vending machines, to software. We provide total solutions from content development and system manufacturing to operations. 

EONEOMS has a track record of installing/constructing in diverse areas, such as public agencies and commercial and residential spaces. We mainly supply our products to construction, furniture, and interior companies, including GS E&C, KCC E&C, Hyundai E&C, Xi, Hanssem, Livart, and E-Mart. Through continuous R&D investment, we devote all our energy to product competitiveness consolidation and to ensuring reliability for customers. EONEOMS constantly endeavors to become a global company by entering the international markets with our stable earnings model. 

HEY MIRROR' is a smart furniture product with IoT (Internet of Things) technology added by combining mirror and display. Instead of the existing smart home pad, ‘HEY MIRROR’ allows you to control the smart home, use multiple healthcare devices, check information, integrate data management, check news & weather, and enjoy music, videos etc. And easily maintain the cleanliness of the home space with the LED 405nm sterilization lighting system that is harmless to the human body from 'HEY MIRROR'.

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