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  • Status Gastro Vacuum Containers
  • Status Gastro Vacuum Containers
Status Gastro Vacuum Containers Status Gastro Vacuum Containers Status Gastro Vacuum Containers

NEW! Gastro Vacuum Containers with color-coding gaskets. The upgraded product range offers food storage at the next level. With professional vacuum canisters, you will protect freshness and organize pre-prepared ingredients or excess foodstuffs according to HACCP standards.

Status gastro product range is made in Slovenia, EU. The quality is backed with a 3-year warranty.


Corresponding vacuum lids come in 7 colors, following the HACCP standards:

- red for raw meat

- yellow for poultry

- blue for fish

- green for vegetables

- white for dairy and bread

- brown for cooked meat and

- neutral grey.


HoReCa containers are made of extremely durable material Xarec. Xarec withstands the extreme conditions in professional kitchens.

The lids are made of Eastman Tritan, a high-grade plastic material that guarantees many years of use and is completely transparent.


All volumes of Status professional canisters are consistent in width and length, differing only in height. You can close any container with the same lid.

One lid fits all volumes of our professional Gastro vacuum containers, which range from 2 to 10 liters.

An additional PP lid is available for when you want your food to be hermetically closed but do not have time to vacuum it. PP covers for gastro containers come in seven different colors for easier organization by HACCP standards.


The thought-out design of the lids enables you to stack full containers one on top of the other to make optimum use of the space on your cooking counter, in the cold storage room, and warehouse. You can stack containers of different volumes, as they all have the same lid. When empty, store the containers one inside the other.

Each container is marked with units in liters and quarts to track the amount of stored food.


Vacuum in the food container is created with Gastro Vacuum Pump BVP 300. The pump is a unique and handy appliance that works without hoses and cables. It is simple to use and very efficient in commercial kitchens with a pump volume of 24 l/min.


Status Innovations is one of the few (if not the only) providers of 10-liter vacuum containers.

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