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Model: D86


Screen specifications: 6-inch HD 720P LCD screen

Buttons: 10 custom LCD buttons, LCD touch strip: 123*16mm, 5 multi-functional 360-degree knobs (encoders)

Interface: USB 2.0

LED lights: Breathing light effect

System requirements: Windows operating system: Windows 7 (64-bit) or higher

Mac operating system: macOS 10.15 or higher

Shinning point:

1. Simple and perfect custom buttons: Customize buttons and icons easily and conveniently with a one-click drag-and-drop method.

2. Trigger any operation at will, such as switching lenses, microphones, launching applications, triggering sound effects, turning on lights, changing scenes, etc.

3. One-touch operation allows for easy adjustment of applications, smooth page flipping, and clear display of current knob properties.

4. Knob-style design allows for faster and more convenient operation, with one-button rotation to adjust volume, picture details, lens zoom, brightness, white balance, and more. The knob makes these adjustments easier and pressing it can also switch operations.

5. A great assistant for live streaming, horizontal movement, zoom adjustment, scene changes, drag-and-drop playback, editing, cutting, and publishing content.

6. A great companion for the studio console, with lights, lenses, and everything ready! Create freely and interact with the audience in immersive scenarios for creative or casual chat. Just press or rotate the knob to switch to the desired scene.