Trevi XF 4100 PRO

  • Trevi XF 4100 PRO
  • Trevi XF 4100 PRO
  • Trevi XF 4100 PRO
Trevi XF 4100 PRO Trevi XF 4100 PRO Trevi XF 4100 PRO

With the Trevi XF 4100 PRO Amplified Speaker you can give life to parties and karaoke evenings without having to be forced to give up a professional sound, so as to satisfy even the most demanding ears.

Trevi XF 4100 PRO is equipped with an integrated MP3 file player , USB , Micro SD , AUX-IN , Guitar and 2 microphones inputs . The Bluetooth connection allows you to listen to wireless music wirelessly from all compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs; while the TWS (True Wireless Stereo) function, allows the connection of the speaker to a second XF 4100 PRO, in order to increase the total listening volume.

Sing, alone or in company, to the notes of your favorite songs thanks to the Karaoke function and the supplied wireless microphone , without forgetting that you can animate your best performances with the multicolor led discolight fire flame effect lights .

The XFest Trevi XF 4100 PRO Amplified Loudspeaker is powered by a power cable , an internal rechargeable battery and an external auxiliary battery via the 12V input.

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