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Vacuum Sealer Status Home 280

Status d.o.o. Metlika Hall: 7.1 Stand: A103
  • Vacuum Sealer Status Home 280
  • Vacuum Sealer Status Home 280
  • Vacuum Sealer Status Home 280
Vacuum Sealer Status Home 280 Vacuum Sealer Status Home 280 Vacuum Sealer Status Home 280

Vacuum Sealer Status Home 280 is a reliable vacuum machine for daily use in households. It is equipped with overheating and liquid sensors for secure vacuum storage of all types of foods. Thanks to its compact design, it perfectly fits into domestic kitchens.

Home 280 is developed and produced in Slovenia. Status provides 3 years of warranty.


Automatic vacuum packing function with an innovative solution for lock-free operation. Suitable for vacuum storing dry and solid foods.

Manual vacuum packing function with start/stop vacuum for moist and delicate foods.

Container function for vacuum sealing Status vacuum containers and other accessories (jug, universal lids). An accessory tube with a vacuum regulator for safely vacuum-sealing containers is included in the rich starter kit.


Liquid trap with sensor ensures a safe and quality vacuum packing of moist foods. The sensor stops the machine in case of the absorbed liquid. This means the motor is protected - the liquid does not enter the internal system. The tray with sensors is placed in the vacuum channel and can be easily removed and cleaned.


The sealing strip is 28 cm. Impermeably sealed vacuum bags in every cycle. The machine is quiet while sealing.

Status Stiki adhesive tape for easier and more precise bag placement in the vacuum channel. Status Stiki also ensures more economical bag use. Five tapes for multiple uses are included with the purchase.


The vacuum machine Status Solid 300 is available in white and grey-silver colors. The rich starter kit includes 6x vacuum bags, 2x foil rolls, 5x Stiki tapes, an accessory tube for vacuum-sealing containers, and a foil-cutting blade.


Vacuum pressure: -750 mbar

Rated power: 210 W

Pump volume: double pump with 14 liters/minute

Lifespan: 20000 vacuum packing cycles


The company Status Innovations implements 100% quality control for every manufactured vacuum sealer. Every vacuum packing machine undergoes human testing.


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