Water Ionizer - AMC 7000S 7 / 9

AMC 7000S 7P & 9P is also a HIGH-END PREMIUM LEVEL GRADE COUNTER-TOP TYPE IONIZER that ALKAMEDI is currently in the development phase.. Designed with a slim profile that complements home interiors, this premium-grade model is equipped with either 7 or 9 electrode plates. Its user-friendly features include a Touch Screen LCD on the front, which significantly enhances recognition and creates a more convenient operating environment compared to other models.

The most powerful features of 7000 series is STRONG MDOE by using ENHANCER(NACL). It offers a unique STRONG ENHANCING feature, supported by an enhancer (NACL), enabling the production of Strong Alkaline Water with a pH of 11.5 and Strong Acidic Water with a pH of 2.5.

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