The Wireless PNI SafeHouse HS007 wireless wireless siren with battery for wireless alarm systems

Wireless communication

The siren PNI S007 mounts quickly with minimal house trouble due to wireless / wireless communication. It can be used as a wireless siren attached to an alarm system.

Acoustic and Visual Warning

The siren PNI S007 alerts you to both an acoustic and visual alarm, with an internal buzzer that produces a sound of up to 110 dB and a red LED that comes on in case of an alarm.

Outdoor use

The siren is intended for outdoor installation, with the ambient temperature range being between -10 and +55 degrees C. However, it must be installed under the roof to avoid water infiltration in the event of rain.

Spare battery

The siren PNI S007 will continue to operate even when the power is taken or power is cut off due to the rechargeable battery that is provided.

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