Zendure SolarFlow

SolarFlow, a balcony power station with storage, is designed forexceptional performance and durability. Our advanced technology andhigh-quality materials ensure that you can continue to rely on SolarFlowfor years to come. And with an added 10-year warranty and professionacustomer support, you can have peace of mind knowing we're here foryou.

SolarFlow is the first balcony energy storage system in the world to receive the TUV certificate. This significant award shows that Zenduremeets the strict requirements of TUV Rheinland in terms of productquality, safety and reliability.

With a universal MC4 hose design, SolarFlow balcony power station withstorage can be compatible with 99% of solar panels and microinvertersincluding popular brands like Hoymiles, DEYE. This seamless integrationsaves you time and money on circuit changes that not only connectsmoothly in all directions with solar panels, but are also suitable formicroinverters.

As always, stay protected. Safety is always our top priority. SolarFlow, thebalcony power station with storage, is equipped with a particularly robustmetal surface and a waterproof rating of IP65, which offers completeprotection against dust and water. lt can keep an ideal living environmentinside.

SolarFlow is easy to self-install with just one plug, making it easy todeploy and move In addition, the balcony power station with storagesupports up to 4 battery modules connected to your energy needs. It canbe installed by non-professionals and therefore there are no additionalinstallation fees. All of these qualities result in a quick, easy andinexpensive installation, which is vital for residential projects.

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