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Jérôme Monceaux

Jérôme Monceaux

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Enchanted Tools
Jerome Monceaux is an engineer, multi-entrepreneur, co-founder of Aldebaran and 
co-designer of the Pepper and Nao robots. Pursuing his passion for music, Jérôme started his professional career in a music mathematics center, CEMAMU. He focuses on real-time processing technologies and distributed arithmetic for musicians. 
In 2005, he specialized in robotics and participated in the creation of Aldebaran Robotics with Bruno Maisonnier. They created Nao, a bipedal, customizable and connected robot, an intelligent and engaging companion that revolutionized the sector and became a reference in education and research. 
Jerome Monceaux became VP in charge of creative and technological dimensions. He carried the company's vision, developed the software architecture and coordinated the 300 engineers on the creation of Pepper and its deployment in Japan in record time, in direct link with Masayoshi Son (CEO Softbank) and Terry Gou (CEO Foxconn). 
In 2015, after leaving Softbank, Jérôme developed the concept of a new generation of robots based on three main pillars: natural interaction, autonomous navigation and object manipulation. 
He then created SPooN in order to tackle the issues of natural interaction and the "appearance of life" in machines. By designing interactive animation characters, the company pushes the limits of the human-machine relationship by making it instinctive and empathetic. In strong growth, SPooN deploys its marvelous creatures in the automotive, collective spaces and web/app fields. 
With Enchanted Tools, Jérôme finally deploys the totality of his concept, mixing different technological territories such as 3D animation, AI, robotics, mathematics and psychology. By giving a life-like appearance to synthetic characters, Enchanted Tools makes them useful in everyday life, for better technology and an enchanted world. 

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