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  1. 35 mins

    Sustainability - what is specifically driving customers purchasing decisions?  

    Inflationary pressures, challenging economic conditions and the cost of living crisis has put unprecedented pressures onto household finances. As consumers embark on a new purchasing decision, what key factors contribute to their purchasing decision? And when it comes to sustainability, which criteria are they looking for and how is this changing going forward? This session will also examine how this differs across the generations.

  1. 35 mins

    Integrating sustainable technology into future homes/workspaces

    ESG is at the heart of the property industry across design, build and operations, and with everyone now watching the thermostat - never before has there been such a focus to ensure homes and office buildings, including warehouses are energy efficient and bills are as low as possible. Building operations, heating, cooling, lighting, alone contributes 28% of global emissions. Sustainable technology is driving device-to-device connectivity, and the opportunity lies in the synchronization of different devices to work simultaneously for efficiency gains. 

    • The newest/latest sustainable tech trends for the home/working environment
    • What are the big players putting forward for your home? 
    • The deployment of alternative forms of energy, such as solar panels
  1. 30 mins

    Top of the sustainability class - a masterclass in creating a big thinking sustainability strategy and achieving a good sustainability rating

    There are some revolutionary, impressive sustainability strategies in action across multiple organisations, but as each company seeks to embark on a sustainability journey, who is trail blazing their way in setting an industry standard and what can we learn from them?

    This masterclass will enable varying companies to explain in granular detail how they are capturing data, measuring their impact, and where they are focussing on for continual improvement. Crucially, they will also share their challenges ? where are they struggling to improve their performance and what their future plans are to overcome this?

    We'll also look to alternative industries to see what they are doing and what the tech industry can adopt successfully.

  1. 30 mins

    Growth vs. degrowth - the sustainability challenge

    Whilst we understand that sustainability is an extremely important issue, humans are notoriously slow to adopt to change, and this is disruptive change that is moving at a rapid pace with urgency. Organisations are already grappling with extremely challenging trading conditions, post Covid-19, Energy crisis, inflation, staffing issues - sustainability is viewed to some as a cost. A cost that impacts the profitability of the organisation, as a result there can be a perceived level of reluctance/scepticism in adopting a sustainable approach.

    • Where does the thinking originate from that Green is killing the economy?
    • The Green Business opportunity ? the key areas to explore
    • The board room challenge – putting sustainability higher up the priority list
  1. 30 mins

    Green investment: opportunities and challenges for impact driven investors

    Sustainable investing has become increasingly attractive to investors driven by a desire to align their values with investment goals. But with so many providers and investment options out there, it can be difficult to know where to begin and how to measure real impact. With the added uncertainty about regulations, greenwashing and complexities to navigate in ESG ratings, we hear from investment gurus on: what's holding back investment and innovation? What are the most effective strategies for evaluating the environmental impact and financial performance of green investments? What can be done to overcome the perception that green investments offer a lower return? And how are investors staying ahead of the curve to maximise their impact and returns?

  1. 30 mins

    How can Emobility power sustainability

    Emobility is being embraced across different modes of transport for its energy saving abilities. Electric vehicles are hailed as the future of the automotive industry, with their rechargeable batteries and low Co2 emissions being better for the environment. And when integrated into a global supply chain, there are opportunities to reduce the overall emissions. This session will explore the other available power sources now available to individuals and organisations, across different sectors like aviation.

  1. 30 mins

    Charging ahead: what does the future hold for sustainable mobility with electric vehicles?

    A new EU vote in February 2023 confirmed a 2035 ban on the sale of new fossil fuel vehicles. The transition towards electric vehicles will require adjustments and many questions remain around availability, raw material supply, battery cost and lifespan as well as the infrastructure needed to support EV adoption. We hear about incentives and strategies employed in countries that have made significant progress, like Norway where more than 80% of new cars purchased are electric, and examine the challenges ahead.


  1. 35 mins

    Global supply chains - where the sustainability opportunity lies and what tech can do to help?

    Global supply chains are experiencing extreme volatility adding more complexity to forecasting and contingency plans. Businesses need to remain as competitive as possible, but also face pressure to reduce their environmental impact. How can the industry embed a sustainability strategy into a supply chain, and what are the key areas to measure as part of a continuous improvement plan? We take a look at some tech success stories where software and modelling tools have been used to trial where improvements have been made, and how automation can be used for energy savings.

  1. 30 mins

    2050 EGD targets – A check in on progress
    The European Green Deal aims to boost efficient use of resources by moving to a clean, circular economy and to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent. As the 2030 check point approaches, where are we on this journey? We shine a direct spotlight on the progress made across some of the policy areas involved.

    • What is coming up next with EU legislation, and what does this mean for companies?
    • Making sense of existing environmental claims 
    • Sustainable business models for sustainable products 
  1. 30 mins

    E-waste? the route to a circular economy of consumer tech

    One of the major criticisms aimed at the tech industry is the volume of electronic waste. The UN Published a report in 2020 that found the world was producing a 53.6 million metric tonnes of e-waste per year, the equivalent of over a million Boeing 737s.

    This special session will be delivered by Oliver Wyman and gfu as they examine what it takes for the Circular Economy to become a real solution to the e-waste problem? They will share an indepth European survey on these findings with expert interviews, including NGO/UN data on this issue. 

  1. Lunch:
    60 mins
  1. 30 mins

    The power of YOU & environmental leadership from the C-Suite

    Corporations have a huge impact on sustainability, companies are a unity of people and it's individuals that can create change. Senior management have an incredible influence on the culture, accountability and impact of their organisations. Could your company be doing more to improve its impact on the environment? This session will explore how to take you and your company on an accelerated sustainability drive that will drive engagement with your staff and make they feel empowered and connected to a higher purpose. Or if you have uncertainties on where to even start, this step by step session will give you a roadmap for transformation and a framework to adapt and go from.

    This session will also delve into tangible actions that you as an individual can do in daily life that will have an impact on your carbon foot print. 

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