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Fairphone - urban mining interactive workshop

01 Sep 2023
Hall 2.2, Sustainability Village
Sustainability Forum, Hall 2.2
Did you know that there are over 40 different materials in a smartphone? This hands-on workshop gives participants the opportunity to learn more about these materials and their impact on the environment and the people working to extract them. During the workshop, Fairphone's experts will guide participants through the process of identifying and extracting valuable materials inside a smartphone. If we design, handle and dismantle our non-functioning devices in the right way, many of the materials inside can be recycled and re-used, lowering the social and environmental footprint of our electronics. Each participant can dismantle an old smartphone themselves. Phones and tools will be provided, but participants are invited to also bring their own broken devices to the workshop.
Jan Köhler, Digital Media Producer - Fairphone
Anna Jopp, Press Officer - Fairphone