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01 Sep 2023

Integrating sustainable technology into future homes/workspaces

ESG is at the heart of the property industry across design, build and operations, and with everyone now watching the thermostat - never before has there been such a focus to ensure homes and office buildings, including warehouses are energy efficient and bills are as low as possible. Building operations, heating, cooling, lighting, alone contributes 28% of global emissions. Sustainable technology is driving device-to-device connectivity, and the opportunity lies in the synchronization of different devices to work simultaneously for efficiency gains. 

  • The newest/latest sustainable tech trends for the home/working environment
  • What are the big players putting forward for your home? (Microsoft, Philips, Honeywell) 
  • The deployment of alternative forms of energy, such as solar panels
Andreas Rindt, Head of Cust. Satisfaction & Gov. Affairs - Signify

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