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Repairing instead of throwing away – a sustainability mission

03 Sep 2023
Hall 2.2, Sustainability Village
Sustainability Forum, Hall 2.2

Annually, nearly 400,000 tons of electronic waste are generated from the 38 most significant household appliances in Germany alone, according to the “Reparing instead of throwing away 2022/2023" study conducted by the insurer Wertgarantie.

The topic of "repairability" is already on the political agenda in many countries as well as at the EU level. Konrad Lehmann, board member of Wertgarantie, demonstrates how the issue has been successfully advanced in practice.  The fundamental principle of Wertgarantie's insurance products is based on the idea of promoting repairs and thereby extending the lifespan of devices. In the interest of sustainability, Wertgarantie also supports repairing devices even when a replacement would be more cost effective for the insurance.

Konrad Lehmann provides insight into the topic of "Reparing instead of throwing away" and illustrates how manufacturers, retailers, and consumers can collaboratively contribute to reducing the volume of electronic waste.

Max Hergt
Konrad Lehmann, Board Member - WERTGARANTIE AG