Doke is a successful tech company that started with rugged outdoor phones but has now expanded its product range to include mainstream phones, smartwatches, earphones, tablets, MINI PCs, and Potable Power Stations. We have a 15,000 square-meter factory in China and prioritize quality by implementing strict examination procedures from design to production. All products undergo rigorous testing to ensure a great user experience.

Blackview/OSCAL, a subsidiary of Doke, has seen steady sales growth of at least 20% annually. Our customers span over 80 countries, including Russia, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Ukraine, France, Italy, Turkey, Algeria, Colombia, and South Africa. With over 100 authorized agents worldwide, Blackview products are available on popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Cdiscount, and our official website.

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