18 Aug 2023

Kwebbelkop talks gaming's future: What's ahead

Kwebbelkop will be participating on a panel at the IFA Leaders Summit on September 1st. Get your ticket to IFA here.

We recently sat down with world-famous YouTube and content creator Kwebbelkop (Jordi Maxim van den Bussche) for an eye-opening chat about the future of gaming. He shared some key insights that give us a sneak peek into the exciting changes that could shape gaming in the coming years. 

Virtual Reality (VR) and gaming 

When asked about VR's role in gaming, Kwebbelkop explained that we're moving towards a future where people walk around with their VR headsets on. However, he also pointed out that we're not quite there yet. While the potential for immersive gaming exists, a bit more progress is needed to make VR a staple in every gamer's setup. 

Apple Vision Pro and gaming 

Kwebbelkop weighed in on the Apple Vision Pro's impact on gaming. He sees it as a steppingstone to getting more people interested in augmented reality (AR) and VR. By bringing fresh perspectives and new players into the gaming world, the Apple Vision Pro could spark creativity and new ideas in the industry. 

Future gaming tech 

Looking ahead, Kwebbelkop mentioned some exciting improvements in gaming technology. He highlighted better graphics, smoother gameplay, and a more immersive experience for players. As technology advances, gamers can look forward to more realistic and captivating gaming adventures. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) in games 

Kwebbelkop also discussed the role of AI in gaming. He explained that AI could streamline game development, making it quicker and more accessible. He discussed the possibility of interacting with AI characters that remember your choices and actions, leading to games with evolving stories and gameplay that's shaped by your decisions. 

Gaming in 50 years 

Gazing into the distant future, Kwebbelkop painted a fascinating picture of gaming in 50 years. He envisioned a world where players could use their thoughts to control games, thanks to technologies like Neuralink. Imagine hyper-realistic simulations that transport you to entirely new worlds, all from the comfort of your mind. 

In conclusion, Kwebbelkop's insights offer a glimpse of the gaming world's potential transformation. From VR and AI to mind-controlled gaming, the future is brimming with exciting possibilities. As technology continues to push boundaries, the way we play and experience games is set to evolve in ways we can only imagine. 

Kwebbelkop will be participating on the panel The AI advantage: How entrepreneurs can thrive in the content creation landscape at IFA 2023 held on Friday 1 September from 14:00 to 14:20.