Harry Yeff Aka Reeps 100

Artists and technologist,
Harry Yeff is a London born neuro-divergent artist and technologist. He is globally recognised as a pioneer in a new wave of voice and technology focused experimentation. Harry Yeff (Reeps100 ) has been visualising the human voice for 15 years and his performative installations and machine-like vocal control have amassed over 100,000,000 views online. He has completed three artist residencies at Harvard University, is a Culture leader at The World Economic Forum and has followed in the footsteps of John Cage and Rauschenberg by joining the legendary Experiments in Art and Technology program at Bell Labs. In 2020 Yeff won the Arts and Science Breakthrough with the Falling Walls Foundation for his ongoing portfolio of cutting edge voice and technology experimentation. Second Self is an arts and science collaboration between Reeps One, Dada Bots and the E.A.T. program at Bell Labs created in 2018. The collaboration is a live performance piece designed to integrate machine learning and generative audio as a practical artistic tool and to raise awareness about machine learning beyond the academic, technological and engineering demographics via the medium of film. The film has been showcased at United Nations, Davos, Google Exec, Ars Electronica and more.
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