Janet Adams

Chief Operating Officer, SingularityNET

A disruptive tech advocate and decentralised AI expert with published works on Ethics and Regulation of AI.'

As COO of SingularityNET, Janet leads AI and Blockchain initiatives across multiple vertical markets including robotics, biotech, gaming and metaverse, media, DeFi, music and arts. Janet was with the team that launched the world's first humanoid robot fronted band; the Jam Galaxy Band at NAMM festival in LA in June 2022. She is co-founder of Cogito Protocol, an algorithmic tracer-coin, and of Rejuve Biotech building AI driven therapeutics for longevity and age-related diseases. Recently, Janet co-founded a new SingularityNET venture called 'Zarqa' in the middle east, building a new generation of smart hybrid Neural-Symbolic LLMs.'

Janet is committed to a positive and beneficial Singularity for the benefit of all of humanity, and has a special love of African music and culture, and an active interest in use of AI for speech-to-speech machine translation for low resource languages. She is passionate about diversity, inclusion and equality.

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