Laura Garcia-Caberol

Chief Operating Officer, Touchlab

Laura Garcia-Caberol is a founding member and the COO of Touchlab. Touchlab is a deep-tech electronic skin (e-skin) and robotics company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Our ambition is to revolutionise robotics by giving machines a human sense of touch. Touchlab has a unique telerobot Avatar capable of teleoperation from across the Atlantic. This enables human presence anywhere, anytime, including dangerous environments such as medicine, nuclear, and space. The avatar is equipped with Touchlab's patented triaxial e-skin capable of detecting forces and their direction in 3D. The user and Avatar can feel objects and their surroundings, perform dexterous tasks, and detect slippage. The data is transferred to a human operator to offer an immersive and embodied VR experience.

Laura focuses on the day to day operations and team management. She helped secure two rounds of investment for Touchlab including a '3.5 million Seed investment led by Octopus Ventures. She still manages the final product development stage and testing of prototypes as well as working closely with the sensor design, routing and integration.
Laura has experience in technology start-ups as well as materials in construction. She has a background in art sculpture and design. She has developed a broad academic curriculum being part of many institutions around Europe such as University of Barcelona, Aalto University, Central Saint Martins and the University of Edinburgh where she obtained her Master's degree.


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