Nick Kwek

Technology Journalist, Filmmaker and BBC Presenter,

Technology Journalist and Filmmaker Nick Kwek has been reporting from the frontier of innovation for well over a decade, presenting for the BBC's award-winning Technology TV Programme, Click.

From the Arctic Circle, to the Great Barrier Reef, Nick has documented breakthroughs everywhere, from Harvard's laboratories, to Tokyo's robot restaurants, Amazon's Biospheres, to NASA's Mars Rover Yard.

Nick has interviewed some of the brightest minds on earth like MIT's Noam Chomsky, Meta's Yann LeCun, IBM's Francesca Rossi, Neuralink's Max Hodak, and collaborated with leading teams from Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and Audi, to name but a few.

Recently returning from Australia where he covered the intersections of technology and health, education, agriculture, and the environment for the BBC, ABC and SBS, Nick has a fresh focus on sustainability, real world and social issues, and pioneering solutions.

Nick is the official Ambassador for his hometown, the Kingdom of Fife, Scotland.

Nick is also the Founder of ProjectX, a London-based content production studio at the forefront of innovation storytelling.'

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