Norbert Herzog

Head of Global Strategic Insights at GfK,
Norbert Herzog (Global Strategic Insights) is a recognized expert for market trends in the home appliances and durable goods area. His team provides fact-based strategic analytics by integrating multiple sources of GfK research, including unique global Point of Sale tracking data and consumer studies. The team is transforming rich data into relevant insights on how the markets are changing and where they are evolving to. Norbert's professional focus is on the major domestic appliances business as well as cross sector tech & durable goods. With more than 15 years of business experience, Norbert exchanges with decision makers of leading manufacturers and retailers of the industry to bring strategic decision support to industry leaders. Norbert continuously publishes industry blogs, reports and infographics and is regularly quoted in GfK's press releases as industry expert. Connect with Norbert on LinkedIn to receive latest news on publications.
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