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A guide to thriving as a startup founder

11 Sep 2023 |

In an insightful interview, Franziska Schaadt, program director & co-facilitator at Awake Origins and a pioneer linking entrepreneurship and mindfulness, shares valuable insights on thriving as a startup founder. 

You can watch the video here: 

We’ve also summarised some of the main bits of advice below. 

Embracing authenticity 

When discussing startup founders' challenges, Schaadt dives into the struggle to maintain equilibrium. She understands the push and pull of pursuing a vision while staying grounded. With her background as a serial entrepreneur and guide, Schaadt empathises with the difficulty of navigating pressure-filled situations while holding onto authenticity. 

Shift in entrepreneurial landscape 

While diversity and inclusivity have made significant progress in recent years, Schaadt emphasises the importance of a creating a safe haven for genuine self-expression. The journey, she believes, hinges on celebrating personal uniqueness and cultivating an environment where authenticity thrives. 

Essential success insights 

For aspiring founders, Schaadt offers actionable advice centred around introspection. She encourages identifying moments that foster a connection to oneself. Her approach shifts focus from mere tasks to sources of joy and vitality. This transformative shift sets the stage for meaningful change. 

Make sure to head on over and check Franziska Schaadt’s interview out. 

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