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Siemens IMB power briefing: Intelligent technologies for the new way of living

15 Jul 2022 |

Michael Mehnert, Managing Director of Household Appliances at Siemens, was showcasing the newest innovations of the company’s home appliances at this year’s IMB.

Since rebranding, the company appears even more dynamic and up-to-date, Mehnert said. Siemens develops its innovations in cooperation with the Zukunftsinstitut. One of them is the EQ900, a fully automatic espresso machine. The machine uses a new system, the bean ident system, to identify beans and optimise the beverage. “No more experiments when you are changing beans”, Mehnert stated. The machine also includes an innovative touch display.

Another product innovation from Siemens is the iQ700 studioLine oven, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve results according to individual tastes. The oven includes a sensor that checks if a croissant, pizza or quiche is ready for serving, and automatically stops the heating when the dish is ready. The product also stands out due to its new and elegant design, and the handle can be easily hidden. The iQ700 oven also comes with a touch display and can be connected to voice recognition as well as other smart home applications. Mehnert announced that all of the innovations will be shown live at IFA in September. “Innovations and solutions that make life easier and more convenient now and in the future”, he noted.

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