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Vertica by Ohh-Med transforms erectile dysfunction treatment celebrating 1,500 satisfied customers

28 Jul 2023 |
Ohh-Med, a medtech startup located in Israel's Tiberias Industrial Zone, has achieved a significant milestone with its revolutionary product, Vertica.

Developed to improve the lives of thousands of men who experience erectile dysfunction (ED), Vertica has garnered the satisfaction of its 1,500th customer. With its innovative approach and commitment to customer well-being, Ohh-Med is making a remarkable impact on the lives of individuals affected by the condition.

Groundbreaking Solution for ED Treatment

The Vertica medical device has been designed to provide a non-invasive, safe, and effective solution for men experiencing ED. Having received approval from the Israel Ministry of Health in June 2021 and the CE-MDR approval to market throughout the EU in December 2022, the product has rapidly gained recognition and popularity in the market.

Promising Results and Positive User Experiences

In an initial pilot study conducted by Professor Ilan Gruenwald from the NeuroUrology Department of Rambam Hospital, Haifa Israel, over 85% of participants using Vertica reported positive results in the strength of their erections after a few months of using the device twice weekly. The findings have laid the foundation for further clinical studies to confirm the efficacy of Vertica in treating ED.

Daniel Lischinsky, Founder and CEO of Ohh-Med, expressed his delight at reaching this significant milestone. He emphasised the company's commitment to improving the lives of individuals affected by ED and shared his excitement about the positive feedback received from satisfied customers. With users reaching out through various channels to express their gratitude, Ohh-Med has witnessed firsthand how Vertica has positively impacted the self-confidence and general wellness of its customers.

Transforming Lives Worldwide

The growing popularity of Vertica is evident as it is already being used by thousands of men worldwide. Ohh-Med's mission extends beyond simply selling the product. It is dedicated to enhancing the lives of men and, in turn, positively affecting their friends and family. With the number of satisfied users continually increasing, Ohh-Med is making significant strides in achieving its vision.

Customer-Centric Approach and Support

At the heart of Ohh-Med's philosophy lies a deep commitment to consumer satisfaction. The company has established its own Customer Support Hotline, ensuring that each caller receives individualised attention and sensitivity.

To conclude, by prioritising the needs and well-being of their customers, Ohh-Med reinforces its dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by ED.

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