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Amazing ease of installation and setup. Realistic, fully-fledged home theater. Introducing Yamaha’s unique True Wireless Surround system, True X

SHIZUOKA, Japan. (June 7th, 2023) — Yamaha is proud to announce the release of True X, two soundbars (SR-X50A/X40A), fully equipped with our proprietary True X Surround system, and designed for use in tandem with our WS-X1A True X speaker, and SW-X100A True X sub—making it exceptionally easy to enjoy completely wireless and authentic surround sound in a comprehensive home theatre system. The True X series is primarily comprised of the True X bar and True X satellite rear speakers, making it possible to easily set up and flexibly position a home theater system of up to 4.1.2 channels. Moreover, simply pressing the Solo mode button turns the rear speaker into a portable wireless speaker for immediate playback of smartphone music.

The True X bars feature height speakers and compatibility with Dolby Atmos®, a spatial audio technology that creates a detailed, immersive sound field for enveloping the user in sound from above. The new soundbars can also be used with various online music streaming services, including Spotify and Amazon Music, and are Amazon Alexa-enabled for voice commands. They also have Yamaha’s Clear Voice function and four different sound modes, specifically for enhancing the listening pleasure of various content, such as movies, games, and TV shows.

The WS-X1A True X speaker is compact enough to be easily carried anywhere, but since it is packed with Yamaha's advanced audio technology, it provides superb sound quality for maximum enjoyment of movies and music, delivering excellent sound, both as a surround speaker and as a portable speaker. What’s more, it also features a variety of functions that are excellent for daily listening, including Clear Voice, which makes it easy to hear spoken voices in the content. The stylish design allows the speaker to blend in with any interior, while also having a waterproof level of IPX67.

As an entire, comprehensive wireless surround system, Yamaha's original True X—comprised of the True X bars, True X speaker, and True X subwoofer—provides an awesome home theater experience that can be enjoyed with enormous freedom and flexibility.