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Drawing directly from top-flight Hi-Fi technology in our flagship model. Provides simple yet supreme quality audio in casual spaces. Introducing the R-N1000A and R-N800A Network Receivers.

SHIZUOKA, Japan. (18. May 2023)— Yamaha has collected the full-scale, advanced Hi-Fi technologies developed for its flagship model, and brought them to the newly released R-N1000A/R-N800A Network Receivers—allowing discerning audio fans to easily enjoy a wide variety of music content, such as streaming music, with genuine Hi-Fi quality in their own living rooms.

In order to ensure True Sound, in which all of the artist's thoughts are thoroughly expressed to stir the listeners’ emotions—Yamaha has developed the core elements of Tonal Balance, Dynamics, and Sound Image.

The units feature the original automatic sound quality correction function, YPAO, which realises the best sound field expression even in casual home environments. Moreover, Yamaha's traditional pure audio design concept ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology), employing ultra-high-precision ESS DACs, low-impedance design, and many other high-quality sound technologies and functions have been built into these receivers. In addition, the R-N1000A features HDMI ARC terminals, letting the TV viewer enjoy programmes in their own living room with stunning Hi-Fi sound.

Yamaha's analogue audio technologies, which have been in the forefront of supreme quality Hi-Fi audio for many decades, have been expertly combined with the latest digital technologies to reproduce music streaming services with the highest sound quality experience possible.



Yamaha is truly unique in the world as an audio brand, with its comprehensive handling of everyting related to both sound and music—from musical instruments to professional audio equipment, from the moment a sound is created to the time it is heard. This sound is of a quality that only Yamaha can achieve. True Sound that allows listeners to simply close their eyes, feel the artist performing in their presence, and experience the profound sensation of being truly ‘Closer to the Artist.’   

2.    Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer (YPAO™)

To ensure expressive reproduction of the positions of artists and instruments, as well as the subtle ambient nuances in performance venues, the R-N1000A and N800A are equipped with Yamaha's unique audio calibration technology, YAPO (Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer). Featuring ultra-high-precision EQ, which handles high-resolution audio of up to 192 kHz/24-bit and processes the audio with 64-bit accuracy, YPAO finely compensates differences in the reproduced sound caused by factors such as the shape of the room, the materials of its walls, speaker performance, and installation location—all of which are crucial for optimum stereo sound quality. Moreover, YPAO-R.S.C.*1, which actively controls early reflections, exactingly corrects and significantly enhances sound quality in actual use. As a result, the user can effortlessly obtain an optimum sound field, like that of a dedicated audio room, without the need for meticulous settings and adjustments.