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  • IFA Home Appliances
Stand: H10.1-202, H10.1-202-Cancelled
Brand info:
HCK started in finland in 1971, by Geof Thomasson,designing and manufacturing refigerators for the drinkcorporates, named after his husky dog, Husky Cool King (HCK.From the start HCk has been more than a refigerator,bringing oniginal ideas to achieve various refigeration scenanos for the dinks. Besides cooling,it makes the productsappealing to the eye and perfect in the scene, implementing technology beyond refrigeration. We are proud to work with the world’s areatest brands like Coca-Cola. Moet. Heineken etc. HCK also brings these cool ideas to domestic scenarios. So that people can also enjoy cool drinks for different life styles. Our retro design, intelligent energy saving technology,remote control system etc.,have always been leading in the industry. HCK, how cool is that?!
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