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  • IFA Home Appliances
Stand: H7.1B-301
Brand info:
Hobot Technology Inc., established in 2010 in Taiwan by George Chao, is a pioneer in the robotic cleaning industry. Recognized for its innovative approach to automating household chores, Hobot specializes in designing and manufacturing advanced robotic cleaning products, including Hobot window cleaning robots and LEGEE vacuum mop robots. These products have dramatically changed the way cleaning tasks are approached in homes around the world. With a commitment to innovation and quality, Hobot has developed a range of unique products that combine cutting-edge technology with practical design. This has positioned the company as a leader in the global market, with its products being sold in over 40 countries. Hobot continues to expand its influence and product offerings, making significant advancements in the robotics field and setting industry standards. Through constant innovation and a focus on customer needs, Hobot Technology Inc. has established itself as a powerful and influential brand in the world of robotic cleaning solutions. Focused on innovation, HOBOT has been leading the window cleaning robot market since its inception in 2010. The Hobot team develops proprietary technologies for HOBOT Window Cleaning Robots and LEGEE Vacuum-Mop Robots, continually revolutionizing the way people clean.
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