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  • IFA Home & Entertainment
Stand: H20-201, 20-C14-Cancelled
Brand info:
KIVI is an international company and a leading developer of smart TVs and accessories, founded in 2016 in Kyiv. Known for its innovation and high-quality standards, KIVI has quickly expanded, selling over 1.5 million units in 20 countries, including Europe and Asia. UniqueKIVI ROOM BY ROOM series is designed to meet specific consumer needs, providing a personalized experience for each room in your home. KIVI TVs feature advanced technology, offering stunning visual quality and easy-to-use interfaces, delivering an exceptional viewing experience. Our offices are located around the world, with the main office in Budapest. Our R&D centers are in Ukraine, Hungary, China, Korea, and France. Last year, we introduced a groundbreaking product in the Smart TV market, a television meticulously designed for children’s spaces - the KIVI KidsTV. With its distinctive block design, users can creatively personalize the TV, spurring imagination and unlocking the creative potential of children. This year, KIVI will present an update to the ROOM BY ROOM series.
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