02 Sep 2023

"We are focusing on deeper engagement with end consumers across all European markets"

For Hisense Europe's President Hanson Han the group's commitment to R&D and sustainability is the foundation for the brand's ongoing success
In an exclusive interview, Han discusses the group's commitment to R&D and sustainability, and how it contributes not only to the brand's success, but also to Hisense's ability to stay on top of industry trends. In addition, he reveals Hisense Europe's most popular products and walks us through its international expansion strategy.

The consumer electronics and home appliances industry is constantly evolving. How does Hisense Europe stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technological and design trends?
In the dynamic landscape of consumer electronics and home appliances, staying ahead requires a keen focus on innovation. At Hisense Europe and Hisense globally, our commitment to R&D is the cornerstone of our success. We invest heavily in research to identify emerging technological and design trends. Moreover, our dedicated teams collaborate with leading experts to develop cutting-edge products that resonate with modern lifestyles.

Continuous learning and adaptability are embedded in our culture, enabling us to anticipate and embrace change swiftly. The return of the investments we have made can be clearly seen on the European market, where markets are in decline, but we managed to grow year on year by about 15 – 20% during the last three consecutive years. 

Explaining and bringing those innovations closer to end consumers is also crucial, so we implemented a global sport sponsorship strategy for building our global brands. Next year will be very special for us as we are the proud sponsor of two big events not only in Germany, but in the rest of Europe as well – the UEFA EURO 2024 and The Men's EHF EURO 2024.

What are some of the major trends in the industry right now? How are they impacting Hisense Europe’s plans for growth?
There are several major trends that are currently shaping the industry, but it is safe to say sustainability is a major focus. We are always exploring trends, some of them you can see at our IFA stand. Sustainability is paramount and we're committed to reducing our carbon footprint by innovating energy-efficient appliances. With our innovative approach, we managed to reduce the average energy consumption of dishwashers by 21%, washing machines by 36% and cooling appliances by 7% in the past ten years. At the same time by investing in new production facilities and technology, we achieved a 23% reduction in the use of electrical energy, 24% for natural gas, and 17% for water in the period from 2018 to 2022. By our indicators, we can say we clearly overperform when compared to the industry average. 

Which of your products are the most popular at the moment?
Currently, our smart home appliances and connected appliances are gaining immense popularity. In Europe, we are present with three global brands: Hisense, Gorenje, and ASKO, and we can offer home appliances in all ranges that can fit any customer’s lifestyle.

Now, smart TVs with advanced streaming capabilities are leading the way, supported by our own operating system, VIDAA. Other than that, energy-efficient washing machines, tumble dryers, refrigerators with innovative storage solutions, built-in ovens with pre-set programs, and a specially shaped oven cavity for evenly baked food are our current best-sellers. These products seamlessly blend convenience, efficiency, and design to meet the evolving needs of our customers while keeping in mind the sustainability aspect as well. 

Hisense has significantly expanded internationally over the last few years. What’s next on the agenda in terms of global development?
Hisense's international expansion is an integral part of our growth strategy. We have a clear goal to reach a 10% market share in Europe by the end of 2025. We are building on our established presence in multiple markets across Europe with Hisense, Gorenje, and ASKO brands and focusing on deeper engagement with end consumers, to be as close as possible to them, and on each local market. On the other hand, strengthening partnerships and collaborations is pivotal, so we plan to introduce tailored products that cater to specific regional demands, fortifying our European and of course global footprint and reinforcing our global brands’ position as trusted brands worldwide.

Hisense keynote kicks off the IFA Leaders Summit

At the keynote session "The scenario-driven future of tech," the President of the Hisense Group and long-term industry veteran, Fisher Yu discussed Hisense's goal to keep improving scenario-based services, upgrading users' personalised experiences through the firm's three main pillars: screens, its operating system, and its platform. TVs remain the focal point of Hisense's activities with over 23 million products sold in 2023 and encompasses innovations such as the new Hisense ULED X model, the first 8k laser TV and a rollable screen model that eliminates the hassle of installing a large TV.

But apart from TVs, Hisense's president highlighted the company's platform ConnectLife, an ecosystem that connects smart home appliances and devices, and its VIDAA operating system. Denis Ostir, the Senior Director Market Development of VIDAA USA further demonstrated that the TV is a logical location for the OS because of it central location within the home, attractive format, and superb connectivity. VIDAA, developed in 2014, is available to any manufacturer or protocol.

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