20 Sep 2023

AI's impact on creativity and work

When asked about AI's recent influence on creative work, Jordi Maxim van den Bussche (Kwebbelkop), CEO, and Founder of JVDB Studios, sheds light on the transformation. He recalls a time when AI was expensive, quality was low, and its potential was largely theoretical. Today, AI is not only affordable but also high-quality, accessible, and fast. 

You can watch his thoughts here:  

We’ve also summarised some of the main bits of advice below.

Notable AI tools 

Kwebbelkop singles out Midjourney as a standout AI tool, particularly impressed by its image generation capabilities. This tool can take ordinary images and turn them into photorealistic works of art. However, the AI tool that's left the most significant mark on Kwebbelkop's life in the past five years is GPT-4. 

Changing work dynamics with AI 

Kwebbelkop elaborates on how AI tools are reshaping the way we work. He emphasises a surge in productivity and the newfound feasibility of previously unattainable ideas. AI's role extends to making education more cost-effective, reducing resource requirements for tool development, and accelerating the release of productivity-enhancing tools. 

Job security amidst AI 

Addressing concerns about AI-induced job displacement, Kwebbelkop maintains an optimistic outlook. Within his organisation, AI integration has not led to job cuts; instead, it has boosted output tenfold. He envisions AI-driven job shifts towards roles that focus on quality assurance and human oversight. Looking further ahead, he imagines a society where people can follow their passions and make meaningful contributions as AI continues to reshape the job landscape.