13 Jul 2023

Asus reveals the world's first 2-in-1 rugged laptops for K-12 education

Renowned technology company Asus recently announced its groundbreaking BR1402 Series which includes the world's first 14-inch 2-in-1 rugged laptop specifically designed for K-12 education

The innovative laptops are tailored to meet the needs of modern students and the evolving landscape of hybrid learning. With their military-grade durability and an array of protective features, the new product aims to provide a reliable and engaging learning experience for K-12 students.

Custom-made for students' needs

The BR1402 Series laptops have been meticulously designed to withstand the rigours of K-12 education. Built to meet military-grade durability standards, these laptops are equipped to handle physical shocks and impacts. The exterior features a rubber bumper that reduces the impact of shocks, while key surfaces are coated with a smooth, fingerprint-resistant finish, making them easy to clean. The spill-resistant keyboard can withstand up to 400 cc of water, ensuring durability in classroom environments. The display hinges and I/O ports have undergone exhaustive testing to endure everyday use, and the flippable display of the BR1402F model is crafted from scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass, providing additional protection against scratches and stress.

Ready for modern education

Large 14" display, fast connectivity, and expandable storage. In today's educational landscape, students spend a significant amount of time online. The Asus BR1402 Series laptops address this need with a vibrant 14-inch display that facilitates immersive learning experiences.

With up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge, the laptops aim to enable students to engage in a full day of learning. The inclusion of WiFi 6 technology ensures fast and reliable connectivity for online activities.

In addition, the laptops feature expandable storage options with a slot ready to accommodate SSDs of up to 1 TB or up to 256 GB of fast UFS 2.1 storage. This is designed to help students to manage complex projects efficiently and store their work seamlessly.

Engaged learning: 180° lay-flat and 360°-flippable designsASUS BR1402FCredit : Asus

The BR1402 Series laptops are designed to promote engaged learning experiences. The laptops feature a 180° lay-flat design, allowing students to share and collaborate easily. The BR1402F model takes it a step further with a 360° flippable touchscreen, transforming the laptop into a versatile multitouch tablet. This flexibility enables students to adapt to different learning scenarios, from traditional laptop mode to tablet mode and everything in between. The BR1402F model also comes with a 13 MP world-facing camera, providing students with the ability to capture content from unique perspectives. Additionally, an optional MPP 2.0 garaged stylus allows for precise digital note-taking and creative tasks.

Maximising learning time

The BR1402 Series laptops are designed with a modular and easy-to-service approach, ensuring minimal downtime for maximum learning. Key components such as the keyboard, battery, thermal module, and I/O card can be replaced in minutes using simple tools. The case screws are thoughtfully designed with a captive mechanism, preventing them from being dropped or lost. Both laptops provide easy access to the M.2 SSD and memory slots, allowing for convenient upgrades. This design aims to ensure students can spend more time learning and less time on maintenance and repairs.

In conclusion, the Asus BR1402 Series represents a significant advancement in rugged laptops for K-12 education. With their military-grade durability, large displays, fast connectivity, and adaptable designs, these laptops are tailored to meet the needs of modern students and the demands of hybrid learning environments. The BR1402 Series laptops provide a reliable, engaging, and easy-to-maintain solution that empowers students to excel in their educational journey.

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