02 Sep 2023

Beurer's first sustainable product range: Green Planet

Sustainability is on everyone's lips at IFA this year and for Ulm-based personal care and beauty products maker Beurer, it's not just a buzzword. With "Green Planet" the firm introduces its first line of sustainable products.

The new range that Beurer first presented at the Innovations Media Briefing (IMB) ahead of the show includes heat pads, heated overblankets, and heated underblankets, all top and bottom fabrics containing between 80 to 100% recycled materials.

The creation of the new product line stems from the publication of Beurer's first sustainability report in May 2023 where the company defined its goal to develop products that last as long as possible with materials that have an optimal CO₂ footprint and can be recycled or reused at the end of the product’s useful life.

"The use of recycled materials and sustainable packaging are major levers in the industry for reducing CO₂ emissions. We want to focus more on climate protection and take responsibility for ensuring a liveable planet, so we have now firmly integrated this topic into our company guidelines. With its new “Green Planet” range, Beurer is also sending a clear signal that sustainable products and attractive design can be perfectly combined," says Managing Director Sebastian Kebbe.


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