17 Nov 2023

Beyond recipes: Abir El Saghir's culinary journey

At IFA 2023, we engaged in a conversation with Abir El Saghir, the influencer and creator behind @AbirelSaghir, delving into the world of cooking.

Throughout our discussion, Abir shared the magic of her cooking philosophy — not just about recipes but about the immersive experience.

From the calming vibes of the kitchen to the meditative artistry of food preparation, Abir unveiled the soulful side of cooking.

She revealed to us the highs and challenges as she takes on the national dishes of countries worldwide. From the comforting Moroccan couscous to the intricate dance with the Italian lasagna, Abir opened up about the diverse flavors that have enriched her kitchen.

For aspiring chefs, she offered invaluable advice: find your favorite part of cooking, and let that passion guide your culinary journey to success.

Watch the video below.


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