07 Sep 2023

Changhong presents new appliances for global markets

Changhong unveils its latest smart home innovations geared at international markets with a product launch event at IFA

Long-standing Chinese home appliance brand Changhong, is extending its international reach beyond China. Having already gained the trust of global consumers with it exceptional technological strength and capacity for innovation, the firm, known as "the king of colour TV of China” is showcasing a range of new appliances and smart home products, including a full range of OLED TV products that the firm will introduce to global markets for the first time at IFA.

The new line of OLED TVs boasts an ultra-thin body, borderless displays, and diverse stand options in addition to per-pixel light control and a 10.7 billion colour display. They achieve a 98.5% DCP-P3 colour gamut and a smooth 120Hz refresh rate, ensuring both crystal clear visuals and superior sound quality.

To present the series, firm's high-end smart appliance brand, CHiQ, will host an exclusive product launch event at the company's IFA stand. During the event, Changhong will not only share for the first time its full range of OLED products geared towards international markets, Changhong will also showcase the new upgrades to its existing white goods series. Additionally, innovative products such as a body detection device will be on display, highlighting the new momentum of Changhong's products and technology.

Changhong promises to surprise both the international media and professional visitors from around the world with its latest innovative products and the surprises it brings to IFA 2023.