23 Aug 2023

Doro's pioneering solutions for all ages at IFA 2023

Doro has established itself as a leader of innovation, proving that age is no barrier to embracing the digital world. At IFA 2023, Doro unveils its latest contributions to the tech world.

The Experience Area provides attendees with a firsthand look at Doro's Smart Health category, unveiling a new highlight product that is joining cutting edge technologies from both, wireless audio devices and hearing aids, thus, underscoring the fact that growing older can still be in sync with modern technological advancements. Michael Rabenstein, Managing Director of Doro DACH, highlights IFA's significance, stating, "As the largest international industry fair, IFA is our platform to engage in dialogue. This is all the more true this year because our new product opens up a completely new category and taps into a segment with vast potential."

A glimpse into the future of smart living

Beyond its current offerings, Doro remains forward-focused. In the Innovation Area, a teaser will pique attendees' curiosity with a sneak peek into the Smart Home category, set to officially launch soon. These innovations aren't just bells and whistles; they are tailored responses to the challenges of aging. Sandra Zissel, Marketing Manager Doro DACH, encapsulates the brand's mission, saying, "We envision a world where older individuals are not spectators but leaders in the digital revolution. Age should not define one's access to technology, and our products ensure an active, self-determined and secure life for all."


Special discounts and a commitment to senior needs

Doro's commitment to bridging the age-tech gap extends to making their products accessible to all. Their IFA special offers a generous 15 percent discount on their premium products. This includes the acclaimed Doro 8200 smartphone, Doro Watch, and Doro Tablet, all previously lauded for their functionalities tailored to age-related requirements. Beyond these offerings, Doro's DNA stands out in its commitment to seniors. Collaborating with experts across fields, they delve deep into the challenges of aging, designing products that not only look modern but are equipped with features to make them user-friendly for seniors, proving that age is just a number in the tech world.

Visitors to IFA Berlin 2023 can experience Doro's innovations firsthand at their stand: Hall 6.2 / Stand 114.

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