23 Aug 2023

ECOVACS innovations at IFA 2023

ECOVACS is a company looking to empower consumers with intelligent robotic solutions. They are constantly innovating and have been at the cutting edge of smart home robotics since the beginning. We caught up with Yannan Liu, ECOVACS GTM Director, in an exclusive interview ahead of IFA Berlin 2023 to talk about the exciting innovations they’ll be presenting this year.

What are some of the main product innovations ECOVACS is presenting at IFA this year? 

At this year's IFA, ECOVACS is proud to showcase a range of groundbreaking product innovations.  One of our flagship offerings is the DEEBOT X2 OMNI. This ECOVACS innovation reshapes home  cleaning with a square punch and edge-to-edge cleaning for unmatched cleaning precision and a  truly dust-free home.

DEEBOT X2 OMNI boasts an array of advanced features, including:

  • Brand-New Slim Square-Shaped Design for improving the edge and corner cleaning  efficiency. Its slim design can enhance the accessibility for lower and narrow spaces under  the couch or bed with height of 10cm so cleaning coverage is increased.
  • Ecovacs AINA Model which applies AI technology for navigation, obstacle avoidance and  intelligent voice assistant. The navigation technology uses reinforcement learning which  enables X2 OMNI to take immediate action directly based on external information obtained  from sensors. The robot learns as it drives and adapts to new environment if obstacles  suddenly appear and it can react instantly and adjust its path accordingly, thereby cleaning  efficiency is enhanced. Additionally the upgraded on-board voice assistant technology YIKO 2.0 allows users to control X2 OMNI for cleaning rooms, or even specific areas such as  ‘clean the area between table and couch’ through their voice instruction easily.
  • All-in-One OMNI Station for a completely hands-free experience. The OMNI station offers a  fully automated cleaning solution including Auto-Clean with 55°C Hot Water Mop Washing,  Auto-Empty Dust Bin, Auto Hot-Air Drying, Auto Water Refilling.
  • In addition, X2 is upgraded with 8000 Pa suction power, large battery capacity and mop lifting capability up to 15mm which is market leading in the robotic vacuum cleaner  industry. With this, the carpet will be no longer left out!

Furthermore, we're thrilled to introduce the ECOVACS new generation of robotic window cleaner WINBOT W2 OMNI. Compared to the previous generation, it is equipped with a multi-functional  station will bring a lot of revolutions. 

Firstly, it includes 2-in-1 safety tether and power cord what provides combination of safety and  power supply. 

Secondly it has a built-in large battery that provides 80 minutes’ batter life for WINBOT W2 OMNI. 

Last but not the least, this station also includes a drop protection mechanism, automatic wire wilding  as well as a portable storage case. 

ECOVACS is also excited to present AIRBOT Z2, a multi-functional mobile air purifier robot. It  integrates air purification, humidification, sterilization, fragrance and breeze function which is a  testament to our dedication to understanding and meeting the diverse demands of modern  households. 

Overall, our innovations at IFA this year underscore ECOVACS' commitment to pushing the  boundaries of technology. We're focused on enhancing not only the effectiveness of our products  but also the seamless integration of intelligent features that simplify and elevate the user-experience  for our customers. 

What makes these products stand out on the market? 

X2 OMNI has a brand new slim and square-shaped design. This can provide an improved edge cleaning experience.  In addition, X2 OMNI integrated solid state LIDAR module makes it smarter, more intelligent and more adaptive in a complex floor environment. Most importantly, ECOVACS has developed the first robotic vacuum cleaner equipped with an on-board voice assistant YIKO.  This can provide seamless voice instructions to the robot doing the cleaning job and eliminate the extra effort of having a third-party virtual assistant. 

How do ECOVACS’ smart home robotics make consumers’ lives easier? 

ECOVACS has been continually innovating and developing industrial advanced technologies into our  variable robotic products. We are committed to creating products that enhance convenience,  efficiency, and cleanliness, allowing consumers to enjoy more meaningful and productive lives. Using robotic home appliances, one of the most significant benefits is certainly the time saving. Instead of  manually vacuuming or mopping the floors, or cleaning the window, or mowing the lawns,  consumers can easily take our robots to those jobs. This can free up their time for other tasks and  activities. Convenience, efficiency and hands-free operation are essential for making consumers’  lives easier and more enjoyable. That is why we are continuously developing more advanced product  technology to ensure those benefits and values to consumers.

What can you tell us about ECOVACS’ international growth? 

For more than 10 years, ECOVACS has established a presence in various regions around the world,  including Europe, North America, Japan, Asia-Pacific and other markets. Our products are available in  overseas markets through retail partners, online marketplaces, and the own official website. To cater  to different markets, we have been adapting our products to meet local preferences and needs  including local languages and packaging assets, and most importantly the local customer support in  multiple languages and time zones. This is essential for our international growth. We have been  building a strong customer support network to assist users globally. 

Why is it so important that innovation be at the heart of ECOVACS’ mission?

Innovation at the heart of ECOVACS' mission is crucial because it drives our ability to develop cutting edge solutions that meet evolving consumer needs and preferences. By prioritizing innovation, our  product can stay ahead of the competition, continuously improve the products' performance and  features, and anticipate emerging trends in the smart home appliance robotics industry. This  commitment to innovation not only ensures that products remain relevant and competitive, but also  reinforces our reputation as a market leader in creating technologically advanced and effective solutions to make consumers’ lives easier. 

Visitors to IFA can experience ECOVACS’ innovations firsthand on their stand: Hall 6.2 / Stand B302. 

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