10 May 2023

IFA Berlin 2023 Leaders Summit: Key topics and speakers revealed

IFA Berlin 2023 organisers have revealed the content of this year’s Leaders Summit, featuring hot topics in consumer electronics and home appliances and influential industry figures

One of the highlights of this year’s edition is the IFA Berlin 2023’s Leaders Summit, as was recently unveiled at the 2023 IFA Press Briefing in April. Exploring major industry trends, Managing Director Oliver Merlin revealed details of this year’s programme which will feature some of the industry’s top experts and opinion leaders.

Burning industry issues

This year’s Leaders Summit will bring industry experts together on the main stage to explore the most critical and meaningful topics that are shaping consumer electronics and home appliances today, Merlin explained.

A few of the areas that will be covered are the latest developments in next-gen tech, the future of smart homes, IoT trends, AI-powered devices, robotics, cloud gaming, and the changing face of retail. Moreover, Merlin stated that the IFA Berlin 2023 Leaders Summit will be keeping in step with the show’s efforts to reflect consumer electronics and home appliances trends, offering a programme that will cover the major tendencies driving the industry.

IFA Berlin 2023 Leader's SummitCredit: IFA

One such topic is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has become all-pervasive with AI applications ranging from predictive analytics to robotics. And as AI continues to evolve, it raises questions about how this development will shape the debate between augmentation versus automation. In addition, the launch of the intelligent chatbot, ChatGPT, has shown that generative AI is set to have important industry implications.

Another key subject area at this year’s Leaders Summit will be what has come to be known as the technology arms race, or the fight for global chip supremacy. While semiconductor chips are the backbone of new technologies and innovations, producing them is a complex and high-stakes endeavour. Only a few companies are trusted to make them, something that was highlighted by the global shortage exacerbated by the pandemic, making chips a key arena of geopolitical competition.

Top speakers

To cover this broad range of topics, the IFA Berlin 2023 Leaders Summit will call upon an entire spectrum of influential personalities within the consumer electronics and home appliances industry, said Merlin, including top technologists, innovators, inventors, retail executives, thought leaders, and influencers.

Packed with insights from every angle of consumer tech, the programme will not only feature authorities in their fields such as global AI and privacy expert Ivana Bartoletti and professor Chris Miller, author of Chip War: The Fight for the World’s Most Critical Technology, it will also boast leading-edge influencers such as Jordi van den Bussche, better known as the YouTuber with 14.9m followers, Kwebblekop, and tech YouTuber with over 1.2 million subscribers, Michael Fishern, aka Captain2Phones.

Business insights will be provided by the likes of Angie Gifford, vice president EMEA at Meta; Steve Collins, CTO of gaming giant, KING, makers of Candy Crush; as well as serial entrepreneurs Jonas Andrulis, founder and CEO of AI and modelling start up Aleph Alpha, and Dr Christian Bogatu, advisor at Sprind.

In addition, the programme will feature prominent figures working in research and government such as Dr Tina Klüwer, appointed to the Future Council of the German Federal Government in 2022; Marlies Schijven, professor of surgery and researcher in digital health at the Amsterdam University Medical Centres; Professor Joanna Bryson, expert in natural and artificial intelligence at the Hertie School; Stewart Miller, Chief Executive Officer at the National Robotarium in Scotland; Professor Alexandra Wuttig, professor in entrepreneurship and innovation and chancellor at IU Internationale Hochschule, and Dr Andreas Rickert, chief executive officer at PHINEO.

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