09 Oct 2023

IFA TECH TALK #20 - CONSUMER ELECTRONICS & HOME APPLIANCES - Benjamin Braun, Chief Marketing Officer for Europe at Samsung

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In this episode our guest interviewee is Samsung CMO Benjamin Braun who talks us through not just the latest innovations to come from the Korean electronics super power but also his particular favourites and also touches upon a very special collaboration with Disney. All that and the latest news, brought to you by Bryn Lucas.


Time-stamped show notes

00:00 ➡️ 00:45: introduction

00:45 ➡️ 02:10: introduction

02:10 ➡️ 13:35: exclusive interview of Benjamin Braun, Chief Marketing Officer for Europe at Samsung

13:35 ➡️ 15:02: industry news


This episode features: 


Valuable resources:

Samsung: https://www.samsung.com/


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