30 Aug 2023

Narwal Technology's pioneering cleaning solutions to shine at IFA 2023

Narwal Technology, a trailblazer in the home cleaning sector, will be presenting its latest innovations at this year's IFA in Berlin.

Narwal's Freo has been much talked about since its announcement in June. What sets the Freo apart is its patented AI DirtSense Technology, which zeroes in on heavily soiled areas for targeted cleaning. The EdgeSwing Cleaning feature ensures no corner is left untouched while its dual spinning and scrubbing microfibre mops, which hold twice the dampness of regular fibres, guarantee a spotless finish.

The Freo also boasts a user-friendly LCD screen and the Narwal APP, enhancing the user experience by automating tasks like mop washing and cleaning solution dispensing.

Automatic water exchange system: setting new standards in robotic cleaning

One of the most innovative features introduced by Narwal is the Automatic Water Exchange System for the Freo. This world-first innovation ensures that the robot mop always uses clean water, eliminating the common problems of dirty water smears, bacterial growth in water tanks, and unpleasant wastewater odours. By automatically draining dirty water and refilling with clean water, Narwal ensures a hygienic and efficient cleaning process, setting a new benchmark for mop robots.

The new wet and dry vacuum: a blend of power and versatility

Narwal's product line expansion continues with the introduction of their wet and dry vacuum, a hit on the Chinese market and soon to make its European debut. This vacuum's MAX Mode offers an instant power boost for challenging stains. Its design is tailored for user convenience; it's lightweight, easy to maneuver, and its 180° lie-down feature ensures it can reach tricky spots like under furniture. Narwal's wet and dry vacuum aims to combine power with flexibility, ensuring users get the best of both worlds.

Since 2016, Narwal Technology has solidified its reputation as one of the leaders and innovators in the robotic vacuum market. With a focus on research and development, and a commitment to pushing technological boundaries, Narwal continues to provide quality innovations in home cleaning solutions.

To visit Narwal at IFA: City Cube Hall A / Stand 202

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