12 Feb 2024

Samsung adds home entertainment devices to its self-repair programme

Samsung extends self-repair capacity to include new product categories

To enable a wider variety of repairs for its products, the South Korean consumer electronics maker Samsung is rolling out a significant expansion of its self-repair programme to encompass home entertainment devices. In total, Samsung will now offer self-repair options for nearly 50 models across its product portfolio, making its self-repair programme what the company is calling one of the most comprehensive of its kind in the industry.

A growing number of devices can now be repaired

Launched in 2022, the Samsung self-repair programme provides interested consumers with a convenient way to extend the life of their devices. With this latest expansion, the company says it is demonstrating its commitment to making the service available for more and more of its devices over time and as its self-repair scheme matures.

The programme has been expanded to include the home entertainment product category and 20 visual display products, including the Freestyle 2nd Gen projector, have been added. Customers can now access genuine parts, tools and step-by-step repair guides relating to picture, power, WiFi connection, sound, and the remote control for select Samsung 2023 TVs, monitors, and the Freestyle 2nd Gen projector.

Moreover, on select 2023 soundbars, customers can replace HDMI and the optical cable, as well as parts relating to power, sound and wireless communication, which can be fixed with common tools like a Phillips-head screwdriver.

SamsungPhoto credit: Samsung

Apart from home entertainment, Samsung has also added 14 Galaxy smartphone, tablet, and PC models, including the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Fold5, Galaxy Z Flip5, Galaxy Tab S9 series and the Galaxy Book2 series.  On phones and tablets, consumers will be able to fix the speakers, SIM tray, side key and volume key, in addition to existing parts for display assemblies, back glass and charging ports. Galaxy Book owners can replace the left and right speakers and fan, in addition to existing repairs for the display, battery, power key with fingerprint reader, touchpad, front and rear cases, and rubber feet.

“We know that consumers want reliable and convenient repair options to keep their devices up and running. This expansion is one more way Samsung is showing its continued commitment to provide our customers with choice,” said Mark Williams, Vice President of Customer Care at Samsung Electronics America. “For those who want to take repair into their own hands, we’re supplying them with more options for a wider array of products to extend the life of the products they love.”

Longer-lasting devices

Samsung says it wants to empower its customers to keep their devices longer and reduce e-waste through its efforts to extend its products’ lifecycle, improving durability, and enhancing repairability. From the beginning of the development phase, Samsung says it considers the design, materials and equipment needed to make products easier to repair, and eventually easier to recycle.

Partnership with Encompass Supply Chain Solutions

The electronics firm is also evolving its long-standing partnership with Encompass Supply Chain Solutions, a leading provider of replacement parts and supply chain solutions, to give customers access to genuine parts, tools and repair guides for its products.

“Encompass has been a trusted distributor of Samsung OEM replacement parts for many years and this expansion to new product categories will play a critical role in continuing to empower Samsung customers to easily repair equipment and extend the lifecycle of their products,” said Robert Coolidge, President and CEO of Encompass Supply Chain Solutions. “Samsung’s self-repair program aligns with Encompass’ goal to improve the accessibility of mission-critical parts for customers while reducing waste and enabling significant cost savings.”

Photo credit for featured image: Samsung

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