15 Jan 2024

Sara Warneke's key insights on IFA

Sara Warneke, Managing Director of gfu Consumer & Home Electronics GmbH, sat down with our partners, Globalive, to share key insights about IFA, highlighting its unique position as a comprehensive showcase for consumer technology innovations. gfu is the brand owner of IFA and is involved in the strategic direction of the trade show. In addition, gfu regularly publishes market information as well as studies and surveys on industry topics.

What sets IFA apart?

When asked about IFA's differentiators, Warneke emphasized its broad spectrum, encompassing home appliances, smart home solutions, digital health, audio, and video technologies. The event serves as a preview for both consumers and trade visitors, offering a glimpse into the future of tech.

Sustainability and AI take center stage

Sustainability and AI emerged as standout themes at IFA 2023, with Warneke noting their prevalence across various booths. These trends reflect the industry's commitment to addressing environmental concerns and leveraging AI innovations.

Market data research's crucial role

Market data research, according to Warneke, is crucial for consumers to stay informed about market trends, helping them make informed decisions. This data also plays a vital role in shaping industry dynamics based on consumer interests.

Pandemic-driven home upgrades

The pandemic's impact was evident in a trend of home upgrades, driven by increased time spent at home. Consumers are investing in devices that enhance their home experience, resulting in greater utilization and enjoyment of technological solutions.

IFA’s global significance

Warneke emphasized that the event transcends regional boundaries. It serves as a global stage, showcasing products to consumers worldwide and offering a glimpse into the future possibilities of devices.

Watch the video below.

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