05 Sep 2023

Steaming ahead: Nivona's fresh brew on coffee innovations at IFA

Nivona has unveiled its latest technology at IFA 2023, resonating with today's conscious consumers.
Nivona has unveiled its latest technology at IFA 2023, resonating with today's conscious consumers.

Marketing Manager Björn Bischoff and Product Manager and Designer Lucas Sabisch spoke to IFA International about some of the key products on display at their stand in Hall 4.1.

What are some of the key innovations and products Nivona is showcasing at IFA this year?

We're presenting two truly innovative products: the 8000 series, a fully automatic coffee machine, and the Cube 4, a compact coffee maker. Collaborating with a young design studio, we've blended fresh aesthetics with cutting-edge features.

And what are some of the unique features that set these products apart?

The 8000 series introduces the "aromatica plus" brewing unit, enhancing aroma extraction and efficiency. The Cube 4 stands out with its integrated grinder and automatic tamping mechanism, ensuring optimal coffee extraction in a unique square design.

What are some of the current main market trends? What are consumers' priorities and how is Nivona working to meet them?

Consumers are prioritising the origin and ethics of coffee. We aim to provide transparency. Additionally, our innovations, like the Cube, reflect a trend towards compact, efficient appliances, maximising coffee extraction while minimising resource use.

Why is IFA so important for the industry and for Nivona specifically?

IFA has been Nivona's cornerstone for two decades. It's our touchpoint with sales teams, partners, and industry peers. Observing visitors' reactions, especially to the Cube's "Click Cup," provides invaluable feedback.

How are visitors reacting to your products at the show?

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Our stand in Hall 4.1 has been buzzing, with many visitors drawn here for morning coffee and engaging conversations.

Hall 4.1 / Stand 206
Product Manager & Designer Lucas Sabisch (left) and Marketing Manager Björn Bischoff (right)


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