26 Jul 2022

Tineco's Marco Getz talks about how to revolutionise everyday appliances like floor cleaners and toasters at IFA IMB 2022

The General Manager of Europe at Tineco provided key details about the company’s upcoming products and the revolutionary technology” behind them.

At Tineco, Marco Getz is the General Manager of operations in Europe. At IMB 2022, Mr Getz showcased Tineco’s latest innovations, a range of floor cleaners, as well as the company’s Toasty One smart toaster.

Why is it important to innovate with everyday products such as the hoover?

“Consumers have a need to clean everyday their apartments and their living rooms. We have 42 million households in Germany, that’s a huge market, and our target is to develop products which make it easier for the consumer to clean their homes. That’s our approach at Tineco.”

What feature are you most proud of?

“In floor-care, I’m very proud of our floor washers. The trend in Germany or in Europe is that you have more hard floor than carpet, so now 80% of the people have hard floor, which you clean by first sucking the dust and then cleaning with the mop, so you do two steps.

“With my product. we integrated both in one. My product is cleaning and sucking in one step, this is really convenient for the consumer, and can save 50% of time for the people. That is why I’m very proud of this product.”

How do stay ahead of the curve? What does it take to be ahead of the curve?

“Basically you need market analysts, you need understanding of the market. Luckily, I am a member of a big group and we are one of the leading manufacturers in the world for floor care. We are producing 12 million vacuum cleaners per year, we have 8,000 employees and 500 of them are working in research and development, so that is my basket where I look into for new devices.”

“That is basically my approach, and we have tonnes of patents, of ideas, but we select what is most serious and most convenient for the consumer.”

What can you tell consumers about the Toasty One?

“The toaster is totally out of Tineco’s current range. We are normally a floor care manufacturer, and now we come with kitchen appliances, but indeed it’s very close to each other because the technology inside is based on the technology what we use in the floor care products.

“Tineco can generate a benefit for the consumer with our toaster because our Toasty One is the first toaster which is able to toast two slices at different roast levels at the same time. They finish at the same time so that people can have breakfast together or have food at the same time, that is really unique. The good point is, if you choose the crispy one then it’s only outside crispy but inside it’s not burnt. That is really, really unique.

“Our kitchen appliances start with the toaster and we will show at IFA in September additional products in this category. For example, we are showing a smart wok, which is a product especially for Asian food where you are guided via smart appliances that help you to cook and basically, the product cooks itself, you just support the product. So even people who are not able to cook themselves, it will be very easy for them to prepare food in the future.”

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