IFA 100 Years The Exhibition

29 June – 17 August 2024


Innovation meets art.

Art has the power to open new perspectives.

This exhibition goes beyond celebrating 100 years of IFA – it sparks a dynamic dialogue on the intersection of technology and creativity, encouraging all to contemplate innovation's impact on our lives.

We've engaged eight Berlin-based creative minds to interpret IFA's history and future through art. Each piece represents a distinct thematic realm. Drawing from an inspiring past and visionary future, these artists will unveil works accessible to all Berliners and visitors from abroad.

You will also find extraordinary technology exhibits that complement the topics and give you a glimpse back to the beginnings of technology. 

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  • PISA73
    Music immediately triggers feelings, memories, emotions and appeals to primal instincts. Music can also be used manipulatively and to distract the masses or to motivate troops, for example for example, stars performing in front of fighting units. So music becomes something political."
    on the theme AUDIO and his artwork
  • Falk
    The social significance of the internet and its impact on humanity is comparable to that of fire. It can both bring light into the darkness and be a fire hazard.
    on the theme ONLINE and his artwork
    My work 'Parasocial' is an allegory of the modern one-sided blindness caused by social media in an apocalyptic world.
    on the theme DIGITAL LIFESTYLE and his artwork
  • René
    From layers of color to grids, from simplicity to complexity, from abstract visual worlds to harmonious transitions. A play with visual stimuli on the surface and in space.
    on the theme VIDEO and his artwork
  • Sophia
    Gaming is a great language and the home of the imagination. I started gaming with Pacman and Tetris. Here you can see a hall of fame of my youth and my appreciation of the aesthetics of gaming: Welcome to my Cutecore Gaming Device!
    on the theme COMPUTING and GAMES and her artwork
  • Household appliances should function. Their added value is defined by their respective utility and productivity. Our installation is a contrast - a device without a specific function and productivity, but creating emotions, feelings, and imagination.
    Robert and Stephan
    on the theme HOME APPLIANCES and their artwork
  • Magda
    A dancing maelstrom that draws you deeper and deeper into it. It appears in all shapes and colours, guided by a bizarre, unpredictable algorithm. Colourful masks are put on and you are swept along in the maelstrom of modern technology. Time and reality disintegrate and there is always something new to discover.
    on the theme SOCIAL MEDIA and her artwork
  • Christian
    Music and information - transcending boundaries and connecting the city, the people. Bowie, Pentecost 1987, over the wall, on the radio, in the heart. Yesterday, today, tomorrow. Berlin, my love.
    on the theme RADIO and his artwork

8 Topics – 8 Artists

Each of the 8 selected Berlin artists was given a theme with a short briefing and enough space for creative freedom. 

8 works of art were created that focus on the changes in the use and perception of technology.


Artist: deerBLN (Christian Rothenhagen) 

From mouth to ear on the beam of electric power. As a socially relevant comprehensive concept – broadcasting formats, visibility, and relevance in public life. Devices and transmitters. Antennas, cables, transmitting and receiving devices. From the Volksempfänger to the podcast. Transmitter and receiver. From media usage through media responsibility to media literacy.


Artist: rmyr (René Meyer)

TV and video. From black-and-white television to TV on demand through video recorders and recordings, DVDs, and archiving. Qualities from black-and-white to Ultra HD. From movie projectors to digital film snippets. On demand and 24/7 availability. From TV and music to movies and streaming services. Data storage, from magnetic tape to floppy disks, external hard drives to cloud computing.


Artist: PISA73

Music. As a complete experience. From emotions, the possibility of how and where to enjoy, integrate, and benefit. From vinyl records through cassettes and iPods to the cloud and back to vinyl. Sound. Sonic experiences. Concerts. Stationary and mobile. From private to commercial. Mono, stereo, Dolby, surround sound, and more.


Artist: AKUT (Falk Lehmann)

Internet. Internationality, information, and digitalization in society, bringing comprehensive changes to many aspects of life. The Internet of Things. Telecommunication. From crank phones through private landlines to mobile phones.

Computer & Games

Artist: Sophia Melone

Computing. From home PCs and game consoles to gaming PCs and mobile and online gaming. Gaming. Playing and pop culture across all age groups. From two-dimensional pixels to three-dimensional polygons. From electronic MIDI sound to orchestral live performances of well-known game soundtracks. From technology driver and research subject to artwork and collectible item.

Digital Lifestyle

Artist: VIDAM

Smartphone. From mobile telephone to pocket-sized computer. From telephony, social media, messaging, and search engines to digital life. Digital lifestyle. Globally influenced, connected lifestyles in society and economy. From Walkman and portable radios to iPods, smartphones, and SoundCloud. From search engines and social media to artificial intelligence.

Home Appliances & Networking

Artists: ROB (Robert König) / Stephan van Kuyk

Household appliances and networking. From vacuum cleaners and traditional stoves to fully automatic washing machines, cordless telephones, and robot vacuum cleaners, advancing to smart household appliances in the intelligent home with a central network.

Creation & Social Media

Artist: Magdalena Wiegner

Content creation. Influencers across all channels. From analogue photography to media-driven creation of texts, photos, videos, graphics, and podcasts. Social media. All channels filled with content. Followers and reach as metrics. From Dictaphone and typewriter through smartphones to podcasts and e-books.


29 June – 17 August 2024

Mon - Sat, 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

free of charge


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