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Download the official IFA 2024 logo for utilisation across your promotional materials and digital resources. 

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About IFA

IFA is the world’s largest home appliance and consumer electronics trade show in the world, bringing together the latest innovative tech, global players and the most radical thinkers in the industry.

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Download the official IFA 2023 logo for utilisation across your promotional materials and digital resources. 

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Managing Director at IFA Berlin

Oliver Merlin

Oliver Merlin is a highly accomplished business transformation and turnaround specialist who excels at guiding organizations through periods of change and leading them on successful growth journeys. With a sharp ability to evaluate clients and their unique landscapes, Oliver possesses a profound understanding of the key issues and divers that shape businesses. He is recognized for his exceptional execution of change initiatives.

Specializing in various industry sectors, including B2B media, trade shows and events, publishing, music, and FMCG, Oliver brings a wealth of expertise to his clients. His extensive experience allows him to deliver invaluable insights and customized solutions that drive tangible results.

With his deep industry knowledge and strategic acumen, Oliver continues to spearhead impactful transformations and guide organizations towards sustainable growth. His unwavering commitment to excellence makes him a sought-after specialist in the field.


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