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Welcome to IFA where we celebrate diversity, individuality and the extraordinary journeys that bring us all together. We invite you to explore the opportunities we have on offer, whether you're a seasoned professional or just beginning your career, we hope you will find a position that ignites your passion and encourages you to apply. 

Our mission is to grow our global company where everyone can take pride in their contribution and sense of belonging. Join us on our most exciting journey to date as we approach our 100th year anniversary, and help us build the best ever IFA.

Why now is the best time for you to join IFA

Joining IFA, Europe's leading consumer electronics and technology events company, is a unique prospect. With a century-long legacy, IFA stands as the pinnacle of consumer electronics innovation. Here are compelling reasons to consider a career with IFA.

  • Legacy of Excellence: IFA's 100-year history demonstrates unwavering commitment to excellence. Join a stable organization with a rich legacy that signifies its long-term success.
  • Pioneering Innovation: IFA consistently leads with cutting-edge tech and innovation. As an IFA team member, you will be immersed in groundbreaking advancements, actively shaping the future of consumer electronics.
  • Global Impact: IFA is a global phenomenon, attracting international professionals and enthusiasts. Joining IFA means being part of an organization with significant global influence and extensive networking opportunities.
  • Professional Growth: IFA invests in employee development. Whether you're a marketer, tech enthusiast, or in any other field, IFA offers diverse career opportunities for skill development and growth.
  • Team Collaboration: IFA's success is built on a collaborative, innovative team. Working at IFA means joining a passionate and creative workforce that values teamwork and camaraderie.
  • Great Location: Working for IFA in a brand new office in the center of Berlin combines state-of-the-art technology with an exciting urban setting, making it an ideal place for professional development.
  • Industry Insights: Working at IFA offers unique industry insights. You'll gain firsthand knowledge of future trends and emerging technologies and engage with key industry figures and visionaries.
  • Impact on Society: Technology shapes our future. At IFA, you contribute to societal advancement by promoting the latest technology, making a meaningful impact on people's lives.
  • Celebration and Innovation: Join IFA's 100th-anniversary celebration and be part of the exciting journey into the next century. IFA is reinventing the future of consumer electronics and technology events.

Joining IFA, offers you unparalleled opportunities for your professional growth and industry impact. As we celebrate 100 years of excellence, you can be part of a rich legacy and shape the exciting future of technology events.

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IFA - the world’s largest consumer electronics and home appliances trade show is now organised by IFA Management GmbH – a joint venture founded by gfu Consumer & Home Electronics GmbH together with Clarion Events Ltd, one of the world’s leading independent event organizers.
Under the new partnership, IFA plans to build on its success by expanding its digital offering and the IFA Next brand to add more start-ups and innovative products to the event. The new partnership will invest in features, new experiences, and entertainment to generate more value and excitement for attendees, sponsors and exhibitors. 
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